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New Year – New Committee Structure 

Learning we have taken from this year is that running as a weekly club, which we all benefit from, means there is a little too much work for committee members to carry out effectively.

Therefore, this coming year, we will have a slightly enlarged committee and some new responsibilities certain roles to ensure that everything we can achieve all the club’s objectives without overworking individual committee members.

Please check out the new sub section within the education section of this website where you will find further information about the changes and detailed descriptions of each role, including responsibilities. Below is a brief outline of the major changes for those without the time to read it in full.

This Toastmasters club is a success because of the commitment of it’s members, in particular those that put themselves forward for the committee or help in other ways. The skills and experience members gain from being on the committee help set themselves apart in their career and personal development. It really is a virtuous circle and the best time to volunteer is now.

If you are interested in any of the roles for the upcoming Toastmaster’s year, please speak to a current committee member asap. Our current club President, Terry Pullin, will also be giving a short presentation at our next club meeting so be sure to attend.

This is how the structure will look:

The committee is split in to 7 key areas: education, public relations, membership, mentoring, finance, events and leadership. The biggest difference is instead of having one person in charge of each we will have teams to share the workload.

The educational team will include both the Vice President of Education and a Club Success Manager.

The public relations team will have a Club Marketing Manager to support the Vice president of Public Relations.

The membership team will have a Club Membership Manager as well as the Vice President of Membership. A new meeting role of Guest Liaison Manager will be created who will help to answer guest’s questions and make them feel welcome.

We will have a Club Events Manager who will take charge of organising official events and club socials. The Club Events Manager will work closely with the Vice President of Membership and Vice President of Education to ensure club events contribute towards everyone’s education and enjoyment at London Victorians Toastmasters Club.


Click here for full details of how things will be and then follow the links on the right to see the specific role descriptions.



Speech Slots Survey

Speech slot survey resultsIn November 2016 we ran a survey to see how the club is running for members. The survey results indicated that there is a greater demand than the number of speech slots available. Please click the link for the survey: Speech Slots Situation 2016-17

Survey Recommendations

In May 2017, we published 6 recommendations to account for the growing club membership. You can read the survey recommendations here: Speech Slot Recommendations – April 2017. Members, please let the committee know your suggestions to improve the speech slot situation.

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The New Year at London Victorians Toastmasters


The new year at London Victorians is packed with opportunity for all our members and guests. Normal meetings start back on Tuesday the 10th of January and then every week until next December!

Every meeting this year will be special, with our members progressing their public speaking & leadership skills to the highest possible standard. In particular, we have a couple of key events coming up to make Tuesday nights in Victoria, London really special.

How to Inspire your Audience WorkshopTuesday 17th January

One of London’s highest regarded Toastmasters, Freddie Daniels, will be coming to London Victorians at our second meeting of the year on the 17th of January to give a special workshop.

Giving Inspirational speeches is an aspiration for many and this workshop is designed to educate us on how to really inspire our audiences.

The workshop has been timed in our agenda to provide an educational meeting ahead of this years…….

Club Level International Speech and Evaluation Contest – Tuesday 7th March

The first contest of the year is coming up in March and now available on our page at for members to take part.

International speeches are normally of a inspirational style and the workshop in January will give you lots of tips on how to win this contest.

Last year, a member from a close partner club of ours, St Paul’s Speakers, went all the way to the International final in Washington DC, so we hope to be sending someone from our club this year, get started writing those speeches in January.

Club member “speakathon’s” – January 24th and February 21st

Also in January and February we have two special nights were we offer up to 8 speeches in one night. These meetings are included in the agenda to help members progress through the speech manuals sooner.

They are also a fantastic opportunity if you are not actually taking part to watch and listen to lots of different speakers on one night, for tips and tricks you might want to include in your own speeches.

It’s going to be a great new year at London Victorians Toastmasters Club in Westminster, if you are a member please register your attendance to meetings on EasySpeak and if you are considering coming as a guest, please just come along or contact us for more information, everyone is welcome!!!


Preview – Meeting at London Victorians on December 6th

Our meeting on the 6th of December promises to be exciting, two members are taking their Icebreaker speech, the first speech from the Competent Communicator manual (good luck Dan & Phill)

Gary is giving his CC 2 speech, entitled “The art of an effective cold call” which ‘might’ have a sales theme, which our president Terry will enjoy.

Then Eddie, who had a 9 month break from the club is back with a speech entitled ‘Make The Time’, which we are grateful he has done in his busy life to get back speaking at our meetings. This will be a project 3 speech from the CC manual so expect him to get his point across.

Rounding off the prepared speeches with be Karen, giving a CC 5 speech. Some clubs give a ribbon for speech 5 called the “Half Component Communicator Award’, we do not give the ribbon because no doubt you will see that Karen is certainly not ‘half’ a good speaker, with a speech entitled ‘The added value of work’.

Great titles, can’t wait to see & hear the speeches in action.

Of course there will be evaluations & table topics to complete another amazing meeting at London Victorians

Club Notices        

The new year always sees a renewed push from everyone to push their Toastmaster journey on, please make sure you are lined up with speeches on and check back through club emails about the new waiting list system we have in place. We encourage everyone to have a speech ready in case of cancellations from other members.

If you need any help getting speech slots or roles in the agendas please email Eleanor G & Nuala our Vice Presidents of Education for advice.

Combined with the survey we have been running, Fahad is also starting to compile a list of everyone’s Toastmaster career goals, this will help everyone get the most out of their membership so please watch out for that and reply promptly.

Calling all budding bloggers, we are also looking for people to contribute content for this very website. You can learn to write engaging content, use the piece for your own portfolio and perhaps help your own website with SEO. If you would like to take part please email Stephen.

Only 3 meetings in December so let’s make them awesome!!!

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Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests – Area Finals


London Victorians is excited to host this years Area 8, Humorous Speech & Table Topic contests

This will be held at our Toastmaster venue between Victoria & Pimlico stations on Tuesday 27th of September

Anyone is welcome to come along and see some of the best Toastmasters in the Victoria and Westminster area compete to win the chance to speak at the Toastmasters Division B contest in October. 

The Victoria & Westminster Area 8 final will start at 18:45 promptly, please arrive any time from 18:30 to get ready for the contest. There will be no admittance once the contest has started!

How to find the Victoria & Westminster Area 8, Humorous Speech & Table Topic Toastmaster contest

Our venue is St James the Less church function rooms. The venue is slightly closer to Pimlico underground station and only a 10 minute walk from London Victoria Station. 

The entrance, behind a set of black iron gates is set back from Vauxhall Bridge Road behind a paved square area with trees and planters, along side a restaurant called ‘Moo Cantina’

Once you go through the black iron gates you will see a black church door, there is a buzzer to the right, please ring and one of our Toastmaster members will let you in. 

What to expect at the Victoria & Westminster Area 8, Humorous Speech & Table Topic Toastmaster contest

Toastmaster contests are held twice a year to allow willing members to showcase their skills at Club, Area, Division, District and once a year at an International Level. Our Toastmaster contest in Westminster will showcase the best humorous speech and table topics speakers from the 4 clubs in our area. 

During the first half of the meeting you will see up to 8 of the Victoria area Toastmasters delivering prepared speeches, which will be designed to be humorous. These should make you smile and laugh, while being a definite speech rather than a series of jokes. 

In the second half of the Westminster area Toastmaster meeting, you will see the best Table Topic’s speakers compete against each other to deliver a 1 to 2 minute speech on a completely impromptu subject. This is a masterful Toastmaster skill of turning a statement, question or sometimes even an object, in to a speech without any prior preparation. 

WE WELCOME ANYONE TO COME AND SEE THE CONTEST, and we particularly encourage members from the competing clubs to come and support your fellow members while they attempt to win representation of our great area at the Division B final

If you have any questions please get in touch via Facebook on our contact us page.