Welcome to London Victorians education content.

This section of the website is aimed at members, to provide you with access to guides and tips on how to complete your upcoming speeches and roles.

Please use the links below (and through the menu) to find the guides and information we currently have available.

It’s really important that we take all our roles and speeches seriously at the Toastmaster meeting. At London Victorians we like to have fun and we like to deliver top quality meetings so that everyone can learn and get better.

What do we mean by ‘top quality meetings’? Each role is important to the meeting, each speech is an opportunity to improve your own skills and to help others improve theirs.

Please make sure if you have a role or a speech on the night of a meeting you give it your best.

Your mentor should be able to give you some extra guidance, so please ask them. If you are a mentor for someone else, please make sure you contact them ahead of roles and speeches to make sure they are ready to go!

HELP: Please help us improve the resources available to our fellow members. The great thing about our club is that we are all learning from each other. If you feel you can give some feedback on the resources we are making available, please share and we will try to constantly evolve the meetings, the guides and the help we give.