A message from our founding president

Dear Visitor,

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Florian Bay, DTM

It would be my upmost pleasure to welcome you as a member of London Victorians, London’s finest Toastmasters club!

I still remember my first Toastmasters meeting as if it happened yesterday! On a lovely early spring, March 19th 2013 in a pub in Cheltenham as Cheltenham Speakers warmly welcomed me to their annual International Speech and Evaluation contest!

There were only two speakers that night. But their use of rhymes, vocal variety, strong body language and the passion in their voices convinced me to come back two weeks later. Two weeks after this second meeting I was a fully-fledged member of the club and of Toastmasters International! The rest as they say is history!

I first heard about Toastmasters in some self-help tapes purchased from the US in late 2006; however the lack of a nearby club meant that joining had to wait until that evening in 2013. While I had always been interested in public speaking and was indeed a keen trainer and debater at University. Toastmasters has surpassed my initial expectations in many, many ways!

It was at Toastmasters that I learnt the importance of structuring a speech, the power of using the right words at the right moment. How effective body language can dramatically enhance a speech. How our voices are musical instruments that should be used as such to liven up any speech, talk or even conversation!

But there is more to Toastmasters than just speaking!

Our slogan is “Where Leaders are made!” and just like public speaking, leadership is a skill that can be learn and mastered!

This begins with learning to become an effective listener and feedback giver. Be it as a speech evaluator, grammarian or even Toastmaster of the evening! Any member can become part of the club’s committee and I would urge every single one of you to consider and embrace the opportunity. Later one why not take part in leadership positions beyond the club level?

Whatever you might want to do, learn or improve. Toastmasters likely has it! So make the most of your membership and embrace opportunities as they come!

Welcome to Toastmasters, where speakers and leaders are made!

Florian Bay, DTM

Who are we?

We are a group of ordinary people who come together at a Toastmasters Club near Victoria on Tuesday evenings to improve our public speaking skills. Our aim is to empower individuals to become confident public speakers.

Public Speaking is one of the hardest things for most people to do, let alone become fantastic at. Our club provides an encouraging environment where our members can develop their skills quickly and to a high standard.

While we are an individual Toastmaster club in the Westminster area of London, we are registered as part of the Toastmaster International Organisation and follow all the guidelines and programs laid out by this great establishment.

Members of our club near London Victoria develop their skills to the highest standard to:

  • Deliver engaging, powerful presentations at work
  • Give humorous or heartfelt speeches at personal events
  • Become great leaders by gaining the skills to influence others
  • Become stronger personalities by eliminating social fears
  • Deal with more situations powerfully responding effectively

We have a complete mix of skills and experience at our Toastmasters Club near London Victoria and no matter whether people are just starting out, or are already established public speakers, everyone benefits from following the Educational Program and practicing regularly.

Formed in September 2014, London Victorian Toastmasters club has been going from strength to strength. In 2016 we hosted a workshop from the then Toastmaster’s world champion of public speaking, Mohammed Qahtani; we are the home club of the current District 91 District Director, who leads the 170 Toastmasters clubs and 5,000+ Toastmasters members all over London and Southern Britain, Florian Bay (who was our founding President); and we are one of the few London clubs that meet every week.

We have also been awarded Toastmaster International’s highest possible recognition award for club success and are known as a President Distinguished Club. This award is recognition from Toastmasters International that we run our club effectively and most importantly our members improve their skills and complete the various educational programs which suit their experience level.

The growth and external recognition of our Toastmaster Club gives our new members a the best possible opportunity to learn quickly and become part of something great.

We are part of Toastmasters International which is a non-profit educational corporation. Its mission is to improve communication and leadership skills of its members and in general. Mainly, this works out to ‘improving public speaking skills’ but there is also a potent leadership and management aspect to the organisation if you aspire to reach that level.

The organisation includes approximately 313,000 members in 126 countries and we are part of a growing network of over sixty Toastmasters clubs in London.