Vice President of Membership

VP of Membership Responsibilities

The VP of Membership is responsible for the growth and retention of members. You are responsible for turning guest in to members and making sure that existing members are getting maximum value for their membership fee, with the view to ensuring they stay as members as long as possible.

You will be responsible for making sure guests receive a great welcome at the club, making sure that guests receive a bespoke follow up after each meeting and encourage them to become members of the club.

You will work on having a relationship with each member, so they feel they could speak to you about anything if they had queries about their membership.

You will also be responsible for trying to keep the renewals at the highest possible levels.

You will also give direction to the Club Membership Manager and Club Events Manager to ensure they can complete their work inline with the ultimate goals of the club for growing and maintaining it’s membership base.

You will also be responsible for ensuring the club meets its targets for growth, inline at least with the DCP and the ribbon winning opportunities throughout the year.