Club Marketing Manager

Club Marketing Manager Responsibilities

As the clubs marketing manager you are responsible for ensuring the club attracts new guests, members are provided great content to help them grow and ensure the club is seen in a great light by everyone outside of the club.

You will be responsible for making sure regular communication goes out to all members and guests. This will include regular creation and promotion of content to be shared on our website, newsletter, social media channels and using the Toastmasters network to our advantage.

The quality of our marketing will set the tone of quality and educational progress that we desire for the clubs goals and missions.

You will recruit and inspire others in the club to contribute to creating content, blogging about club meetings and promoting the club favourably on social media AND to anyone they believe will be interested in this area of self-development.

You will maintain to the highest standards the systems the club has in place to make marketing and communications a success.

Club Marketing Manager’s tasks:

This role is crucial to the club and you will have to complete several tasks regularly to succeed:

  • Work with the VP of PR to implement marketing and communication strategy as required
  • Create ‘at least’ fortnightly content, either yourself or by recruiting others, which will update the website, be promoted to guests and members via email newsletters, social media or other channels
  • Innovate the clubs website and other communications channels
  • Promote events with the event manager
  • Seek content ideas from other members
  • Maintain and improve the SEO of the clubs online presence
  • Recruit meeting bloggers as often as possible to create write ups on meetings, vet the content they create and post as appropriate

The tasks for this job need to be carried out regularly. There are specific things that need to be carried out periodically, such as creating the meeting reports and newsletter at least fortnightly.

Additionally you should always be thinking about what else can be done to enhance the marketing of the club and reacting to initiatives from the VP of PR.


We have learnt that communicating effective and regularly with members and guests contributes directly to the success and growth of the club.

By taking the role of Club Marketing Manager you will contribute to its success.

You will develop your marketing skills and lead and inspire others to contribute too.