Club Success Manager

Club Success Manager Responsibilities

As the Club Success Manager, you will be ultimately responsible for making sure the club meetings run perfectly. Club meetings are the product that guests experience and members pay for, to give value to everyone, these meetings must be of the highest quality.

You will run an ever-changing virtual team of members who will help run each meeting. The Toastmaster of the Meeting and Sergeant at Arms of the meeting will form a team with you to recruit meeting functionaries, ensure systems are kept up to date and that the meeting runs smoothly.

You will use your organisational and leadership skills to plan meetings months in advance and inspire others to contribute to the success of every club meeting.

The club’s Vice President of Education will help you make choices about which members should be encourage to take part in speeches and roles to help the member progress their skills and to help the club achieve it’s goals of educational progress.

This role will require you to be hands on every week of the year, to support your team and to make sure the club product, it’s meetings run to the highest level.

You will be rewarded with the ability to develop your personal skills in managing people, managing events and being strategic in developing the quality of our clubs key product, our meetings.

Club Success Manager Tasks

As a weekly meeting club, you will be required to carry out the following tasks on a regular basis, don’t worry, you will be supported by the team you recruit for each meeting and the Vice President of Education. However, this is a massive role for the club and you will find you have to carry out quite a bit of work……..

  • Speak regularly with the Vice President of Education and consult the Club Leadership chart, the member status tool and easyspeak to identify members who need to carry out the Toastmaster of the Evening and Sergeant at Arms of the Meeting Roles
  • Recruit at least 1 month in advance a Toastmaster of the Evening and Sergeant at Arms of the Meeting for each club meeting.
  • Ensure the Toastmaster of the Evening and Sergeant at Arms of the Meeting are completely briefed on their responsibilities for the meeting (this will include recruiting all functionaries, you will need to make suggestions to them of people who should be approached to take the roles)
  • Ensure new members are taking part in functionary roles, especially the timekeeper and harkmaster roles, which are a great way of introducing them to the club and their own skills.
  • Check in regularly (weekly at least) with each meetings Toastmaster of the Evening and Sergeant at Arms of the Meeting to ensure they have recruited and briefed the team of functionaries.
  • If necessary, act to assist the Toastmaster of the Evening and Sergeant at Arms of the Meeting to recruit the functionary team for their meeting.
  • If necessary, deal with any cancellations or changes in the agenda as they arise. Sometimes this might be last minute, so you will have a plan to shuffle agendas at a moment’s notice.
  • Make sure club systems, including easyspeak and other tools for tracking member attendance and progress are kept up to date efficiently.

Don’t forget, you have a team to help complete these tasks, the major benefit of this role is enhancing your leadership skills to influence others to work for and with you, not just to do it all yourself……. That said, it is your ultimate responsibility to make meetings a success, so you may have to step in when needed.


This is one of the major roles in the committee team, you will need to be available every week to carry out various tasks, you will need to fully understand the systems that make the meetings work and you will need to have one eye constantly on the success of the meetings.

You will be able to take pride in the success of the meetings, knowing that you have contributed directly to the overall success of the club and the members who take part and learn from every meeting.

This is a great role for someone who values organisational skills and wants to enhance their ability to lead others. You should go for it!!!

Minimum responsibilities:

  • Ensure Toastmaster of the Day and SAA Meeting roles are assigned and confirmed at least 1 month ahead of every meeting.

  • Ensure these two functionaries are fully briefed on their responsibilities and tasks for the meeting

  • Manage cancellations for these two roles.

  • Provide assistance to these two roles

  • Ensure the room is setup appropriately for each meeting

  • Ensure good relations with the venue

  • Manage Membership attendance lists

  • Manage Agenda management of Easyspeak