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Join one of London’s only Weekly Meeting Toastmaster Clubs!


London Victorians has been meeting weekly for all of 2016 and our members benefit from:

  • 50 Meetings a Year to listen, learn and take part
  • 200 Speech Slots to progress speech giving skills
  • 270 Table Topic slots to develop impromptu speaking
  • Dedicated experienced mentor for every member
  • Leadership opportunities within the club committee

We have proof that we are a great club:

  • President Distinguished Club (the highest club accolade) in 2015-16
  • Hosted a workshop with the 2015 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Home Club of the Division Director
  • Distinguished Toastmaster (the higher personal accolade) member
  • Over 45 happy & successful members
  • Smedley & Beat the Clock Awards for club growth
  • And much more


Please join us as a guest at our next meeting or get in touch for more information

Announcements Past meetings Toastmasters International

London Victorians’ AGM – May 31st

Prateek was toastmaster last tuesday, he started the meeting with a breathing exercise encouraging audience members to ignore distractions and focus on the meeting. He ran an energetic meeting with a team to assist him; Lawrence was timekeeper and Eleanor G was harkmaster.

The first half of the meeting had three speakers, and three evaluators, the second half of the meeting was London Victorian’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

First speaker on stage was Cleo, delivering her icebreaker. She informed the audience of the challenges she has faced in her life, and how this has shaped her positive attitude and approach to life. Her evaluator Sophia praised Cleo’s infectious smile and her ability to connect with the audience.

Cleo delivering her Icebreaker

Second on stage was Toby, delivering his speech five “Your Body Speaks” from the Competent Communication manual. In the speech, Toby discussed the disadvantages of investment strategies and how to reduce risk. Toby’s evaluator Tattiana commended his reassuring and appropriate tone of voice that built trust with the audience, she also pointed out areas where Toby could enhance his body movements even more to deliver a more impactful speech.

Third speaker was Joyce who began her speech by tapping a glass coffee container to get into character, her speech from the interpretive reading manual involved a monodrama where Joyce read aloud from a book. Her evaluator Terry praised Joyce’s reenactment of the characters and recommended Joyce could enhance the drama at certain stages of the speech to engage the audience further. Congratulations to Joyce who received Advanced Communicator Bronze Award after completing this speech.

Joyce completing her final speech before being awarded Advanced Communicator Bronze
Joyce completing her final speech before being awarded Advanced Communicator Bronze


The second half of the meeting was our AGM, where founding president Florian Bay highlighted successes of the year, provided members with information on the club’s budget and explained the committee structure.

London Victorians’ AGM with Florian Bay

London Victorian’s elected committee for next year:

President                          Terry J. Pullin

VP Education                  Stephen Nice

VP Membership              Sophia Tavberidze

VP Public Relations       Nuala McHugh

Secretary                          Thomas R

Treasurer                         Florian Bay

Sergeant at Arms           John Kurubo

VP Mentoring                 Eleanor Gelston

Announcements Past meetings Toastmasters International Workshop

After Competent Communication Manual – Tuesday 3rd May

On Tuesday we had a packed meeting, Sophia was Toastmaster and had a team to assist her; Thomas was Timekeeper and Cleo was Sergeant At Arms. Nuala was Grammarian and Tatiana was Harkmaster.

At toastmasters, initially all members deliver speeches from the Competent Communication Manual. This is a series of 10 self-paced speaking assignments. After completing this, members can choose from 15 advanced manuals to learn more specific and specialist skills. On Tuesday, two of our advanced speakers were delivering speeches from the advanced manuals.

First speaker was Fil, who did his icebreaker, which is first speech in the Competent Communication manual. He delivered a very humorous speech about how his life has transformed since the birth of his children. He even included the use of a baby doll prop, which added humour and enhanced the visual aspect of his speech.

Fil delivering his Icebreaker with his baby prop
Fil delivering his Icebreaker with his baby prop

Second speaker was Joyce who delivered a speech from the interpretive speaking manual. She selected work from the author David Meade to read aloud. This was a vivid and dramatic prose, allowing Joyce to demonstrate her skills in voice modulation and dramatization.

Joyce reading aloud
Joyce reading aloud

Third on the stage was Fahad and his speech was from the special occasions manual. He accepted the LOVPEY award and took the audience on the journey of how he achieved this award, including anecdotes of his time as Vice President of Education at London Victorians. In his acceptance speech, Fahad demonstrated sincerity and graciousness.

This Tuesday London Victorians have the pleasure of hosting World champion speaker Mohammed Qahtani to the club. It promises to be a dynamic and interactive workshop. Everyone is welcome to join us, tickets are limited and can be purchased here.


Announcements Toastmasters International Workshop

Evaluation Workshop – 4th August

Special guest coach: Linda White

A crucial part of the Toastmaster educational program are speech evaluations. Every speech and every role is followed with an evaluation of how the speaker or role taker did. This offers them and everyone in the room the ability to know what they are doing well and what they could do even better next time.

Providing a thorough evaluation of each speech helps the speaker develop their skills, the audience to learn communication tips and the evaluator to develop prowess in providing feedback for others.

The technique behind giving a great evaluation isn’t limited to Toastmasters! Indeed, listening carefully to a colleague, customer or friend and offering constructive commendations and feedback is a great skill to have in all areas of life.

London Victorians is pleased to be hosting a workshop for members and guests to specifically learn how to give fantastic evaluations.

The workshop will be led by advanced Toastmaster and professional coach, Linda White.

This is a free workshop for anyone who would like to develop their evaluation skills. It will be on Tuesday August 4th starting at 6:30pm sharp.

All guests are free to come along without prior arrangement. More detail on our venue can be found here.

This evaluation workshop will enable you to develop these key skills:

  • Listening
  • Note taking
  • Effective speech structure
  • Giving specific praise and commendations
  • Delivering constructive feedback
  • Providing advice and offering suggest actions
  • And much much more

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Announcements Toastmasters International Workshop

FREE Workshop: The Characteristics of Effective Leaders

Have you always wondered what it takes to become a leader? What traits, habits and characteristics effective and inspirational leaders have that makes them stand out from the rest? Leadership is fundamentally a skill that can be learned like many others.

On Wednesday 20th May, London Victorians will be holding a FREE “Success Leadership” workshop on the characteristics of effective leaders. This interactive one hour workshop will explore the qualities, values and styles effective leaders display. Participants will be able to identify their own leadership styles and to develop self-awareness of any gaps that might require attention to become a more effective leaders.

You too can be a leader!
You too can be a leader!

Exercices will include:

  • Determining your leadership style
  • Identifying team leadership need
  • Discussing leadership gaps and leadership matches

The session will be facilitated by Sergey Karassov, ACS, CL. Sergey is a successful trainer, coach and facilitator. He has a special interest in leadership and enjoys developing others to become better leaders and public speakers.

The event will take place between 12h and 13h in the Concert Artistes Association in 20 Bedford Street. Places are limited and prior booking is required here.