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London Victorians’ AGM – May 31st

Prateek was toastmaster last tuesday, he started the meeting with a breathing exercise encouraging audience members to ignore distractions and focus on the meeting. He ran an energetic meeting with a team to assist him; Lawrence was timekeeper and Eleanor G was harkmaster.

The first half of the meeting had three speakers, and three evaluators, the second half of the meeting was London Victorian’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

First speaker on stage was Cleo, delivering her icebreaker. She informed the audience of the challenges she has faced in her life, and how this has shaped her positive attitude and approach to life. Her evaluator Sophia praised Cleo’s infectious smile and her ability to connect with the audience.

Cleo delivering her Icebreaker

Second on stage was Toby, delivering his speech five “Your Body Speaks” from the Competent Communication manual. In the speech, Toby discussed the disadvantages of investment strategies and how to reduce risk. Toby’s evaluator Tattiana commended his reassuring and appropriate tone of voice that built trust with the audience, she also pointed out areas where Toby could enhance his body movements even more to deliver a more impactful speech.

Third speaker was Joyce who began her speech by tapping a glass coffee container to get into character, her speech from the interpretive reading manual involved a monodrama where Joyce read aloud from a book. Her evaluator Terry praised Joyce’s reenactment of the characters and recommended Joyce could enhance the drama at certain stages of the speech to engage the audience further. Congratulations to Joyce who received Advanced Communicator Bronze Award after completing this speech.

Joyce completing her final speech before being awarded Advanced Communicator Bronze
Joyce completing her final speech before being awarded Advanced Communicator Bronze


The second half of the meeting was our AGM, where founding president Florian Bay highlighted successes of the year, provided members with information on the club’s budget and explained the committee structure.

London Victorians’ AGM with Florian Bay

London Victorian’s elected committee for next year:

President                          Terry J. Pullin

VP Education                  Stephen Nice

VP Membership              Sophia Tavberidze

VP Public Relations       Nuala McHugh

Secretary                          Thomas R

Treasurer                         Florian Bay

Sergeant at Arms           John Kurubo

VP Mentoring                 Eleanor Gelston