Club Events Manager

Club Events Manager Responsibilities

As the Club Events Manager at London Victorians, it will be your responsibility to ensure that special events throughout the year are a fantastic success.

Twice a year the club holds contests, and it will be your responsibility to work with the VP of Education to organise and run these events.

You will also be responsible for taking the initiative and organising at least 4 social events a year. Something that is outside of normal meetings and brings members together to enjoy each other away from the normal club settings.

You will be an organised person, willing to go above and beyond for the success of these events.

Club Events Manager’s tasks:

This role is critically important to the club, the contests are very important to members progress and the socials are essential to build a strong membership base. Regular tasks you will need to complete include:

  • Organise Club contests every six months, this will require work at least 3 months before the event (more details of the exact tasks supplied separately)
  • Organise Club socials every 3 months at least. You will either come up with the ideas for socials or survey the members for ideas.
  • You may also be called on by the club to arrange special events, including workshops, as necessary (normally 2-4 times per year.

While the events are irregular, you will be an active part of the clubs committee and should be available to take part in the committee as much as you can. The run up to events will require quite a lot of work.


As mentioned, these events are so important to the club. You will see your hard work turned in to successful events.

Your contests will help many members progress their skills by taking part and your social events will bring the club members together to enjoy each others company outside of public speaking.