Club Membership Manager

Club Membership Manager Responsibilities

As the Club Membership Manager, you will be responsible for ensuring members are getting value out of their membership.

We want everyone to get the educational benefit they desire, and we want people to enjoy being a member of London Victorians. You will build relationships with all the members of the club and ensure they are getting this.

You will welcome all new members to the club, ensure they have been assigned a mentor, add them to the clubs whatsapp group, encourage them to start taking part as soon as possible and generally help them on their journey.

You will notice if members stop attending, and contact them to check on their situation.

We also want to celebrate our members anniversary at the club, their successes in the program and even their birthday. You will be responsible for making sure everyone gets recognised for these during meetings and in the whatsapp group.

Club Membership Manager tasks:

This role is crucial to the club and you will have to complete several tasks regularly to succeed:

  • Be prepared to take over the roles at meeting of the VP of Membership if they are not available, these include collection the guest list and doing guest follow up
  • Introduce yourself and your role to all new members
  • Add all new members to the Whatsapp group
  • Celebrate members major achievements by highlighting them at meetings (Toastmasters awards such as CC, CL, Advanced, etc)
  • Celebrate members membership anniversaries and birthdays by highlighting them in the Whatsapp group and at meetings
  • Maintain a system in the membership list of how to track each of the celebration occasions
  • Contact each member individually at least every 3 months to ensure they are happy with their membership, more regularly if attendance is low

You will be required to contribute regularly with this role, members should always feel you are never far away.

There are on average around 4 new members per month to welcome.

You should try to be available at meetings when the VP of Membership is not able to attend,  to welcome guests too.


You will receive a sense of gratification when you see members enjoying and benefiting from the club in the way they expected, knowing you have help contribute toward that.

Your role is crucial to the success of the club, maintaining members is critical to the financial security of the club and to the mix of membership skills we have to make great quality meetings.