Delivering Speeches – 14th June 

On Tuesday 14th of June Stephen was Toastmaster with a team to assist him, Romain was Timekeeper and Annabel was Sergeant at Arms. Tatiana was Grammarian, Ed was Harkmaster.

There were four speeches, three from the competent communication manual and one from an advanced manual.

Lawrence was first on stage with his icebreaker “Never Forget Where You Came From” which informed the audience about his childhood in Ealing and his Italian roots which influenced much of his upbringing.

Nuala was next delivering speech 6 from the manual “Vocal Variety”. Her speech detailed one of her first experiences living in London which involved a defrosting rat on the cooker, how she has a love-hate relationship with the city however, ultimately feels it is a great place to live.

Third on stage was Thomas who delivered a visual presentation educating the audience on why bullet trains were invented, how they work and detailed the countries that currently use them. Citing aerodynamics, and a continuous welded track as two of the main technologies that enable bullet trains to function, Thomas illustrated these elements through the use of visuals.

Thomas delivering speech on Bullet Trains

Fourth speaker was Prateek who delivered a speech from the Humorously Speaking manual. Entitled “Money See Monkey Do”, Prateek told tales of New Years Resolutions gone array, characterising different types of gym goers and relating them to monkeys through humour and body language.

Prateek delivering his humourous speech

The four speeches were evaluated by their respective evaluators; Eleanor B, Sophia, Florian and Isabelle. Each evaluator praised the speaker on positive aspects of their speech and also suggested improvements to make their technique in speech delivering even better.

Isabelle evaluating Prateek’s speech

The second half of the meeting involved impromptu table topics provided by Cleo which were then evaluated by Eleanor G.

Cleo was Table Topic Master

Join us next week for more speeches, evaluations and impromptu speeches.