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Our Community

James, breaking the ice!
Madam Toastmaster, Lucy
Camila taking on her first role as Sergeant at Arms

We all define community differently, but what we all have in common is the sense of support in working towards the same goal. London Victorians’ mission is to provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. I feel very lucky to be a part of this inspiring community and as a president of the club I would love every member to achieve their full potential. However, this is a common effort from every one of us to make it happen. Keep up the good job Victorians😊!

According to this test If you want to test the strength of the community – just ask someone for a favour and see if they help. Looking at what we have done as a club so far – I left me assured this is a very strong community!

London Victorians crate a great community both offline (thanks for everyone who came over for drinks on Friday! For those who could not make it – let’s meet up for Christmas drinks after the meeting on the 10th Dec) and online.

We have a few social platforms carefully curated by Lucy Rosa.
I encourage you to check Twitter – I had a good chuckle over her posts 😊

For those who did not notice yet– we have a new social media platform – London Victorians LinkedIn

This is a place where we can network professionally and help each other to leverage our career progress. Our Vice President of Mentoring – Stephanie Walker, will be launching a buddy up programme, aiming to match members around their areas of professional interest.

You can also be a social media star by taking up a Meeting Reporter Role. It’s very easy but help us a lot! Just write a few words (up to 500) about the meeting – what made you laugh, what have you learned, you favourite tip etc.

Thanks, Paulina

Calendar of Events

We have some great workshops planned for the next few months.. Make sure you get these in your diaries!

10th Dec 2019 6:45 pmAWARDS NIGHT & X-mas meeting  
17th Dec 2019 6:45 pmSpeakaton – sign up for roles!
21st Jan 2020 6:45 pm“The art of No” – assertiveness
4th Feb 2020 6:45 pmSpecial meeting: Mock-up interviews
Feb/ March 2020 – date TBCPersonal branding online

NLP Workshop

This Tuesday we has a fantastic workshop lead by NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainer, Maggie Albrecht!

She delved into techniques for connecting with our audience, ‘reading the room’ and channeling confidence (something all budding public speakers could use). ‘The Principles of Success’ she covered could be applied to our future speeches and also to our lives.

Maggie knows NLP back to front and her session was both informative and inspiring. She left us thinking.. What’s the best possible outcome of today?

Wickedly Worldly

This week at London Victorians we celebrated Halloween the only we know how.. With wonderful, wicked, whimsical words!

From Australia to Peru, cults to clocks, poems to peasants, Tuesday’s meeting took as on a journey through the underworld. Our bloody Toastmaster, Annabel, even dressed us for the occasion!

We devoured some bone chilling speeches and learnt a lot, like how to avoid the choking grasp of a cult and that most of our fellow Toastmasters grew up in countries where Halloween was just a myth.

Thank you everyone who made this a night so deadly!

Best Speaker: Massimo, ‘Cults: How To Get In / How To Get Out’
Best Table Topics: Washington, tales of Halloweens past
Best Evaluator: Lucy, on Harry’s ‘ The greatest dish in the world’

Al, our devious Gramarian
Eeanor, possessed by Oscar Wilde reading ‘The Ballard of Reading Gaol’
Count von Count speaking on his favorite topic, clocks!
Paulina, our petrifying RINGleader

Who you gonna call?!