Grammarian Report – 29th March

The fervent Joyce took on the role of Toastmaster for the meeting, Florian as grammarian, encouraging speakers to use the word ‘constellate’. Nadia as Sergeant at Arms, Kirsten as Harkmaster and finally Rob as timekeeper.

Joyce as Toastmaster

Joyce as Toastmaster

There were three prepared speeches during the meeting, first on stage was Eleanor whose well-researched speech educated the audience on the advantages of Credit Unions.

Second to the stage was Nuala who delivered a speech involving an introspection on building your sense of identity, recalling the building blocks that create one’s self of self.

Finally was AK’s speech recounting the life of James Chen who took on the seemingly impossible challenge of transforming the literacy levels in China at a time when only 2% of the population could read or write. AK used Chen’s extraordinary achievement as an example of how goal setting can help your dreams become a reality.


AK delivering his speech

Yvonne provided topics for speaking volunteers to tackle during the improvised speaking portion of the meeting, we had five guests taking the opportunity to deliver an impromtu speech on stage.

During his role, grammarian Florian managed to count the amount of times each speaker used the filler words “amm” or “uh”. A greatly beneficial report to help speakers realize bad habits they may not otherwise be aware of.


Florian delivering his Grammarian report

Join us on Tuesday 5th April for another meeting packed full of speeches, evaluations, grammarian feedback and table topics!