Toastmasters’ Educational Programme

The Toastmasters Educational Programme is made up of two parallel tracks, a communication track and a leadership track. You’re strongly advised to actively take part in both tracks as they’re not mutually exclusive and can be worked on concurrently.

Communication Track

This track begins with the Competent Communication manual covering ten speech projects from “The Ice Breaker” where you’ll introduce yourself to the club to “Inspire Your Audience” where you’ll inspire others about something which you care deeply about. Along the way you’ll learn the basic building bricks of public speaking, from speech structure in project 2 “Organise Your Speech”, “Vocal Variety” in project 6 or “Effective Use of Visual Ads” in project 8. Read your manual thoroughly as it contains a lot of usable information and practical advice that you can always refer back to. When in doubt go” back to the basics” as the saying says!

Once you’ve finished your Competent Communication manual you can choose from 15 advanced manual to work on, each made up of 5 speech projects. These manuals build-up on the skills you’ve learnt before and provide an opportunity for you to specialise in certain areas. The advanced manuals include:

  • Storytelling

  • The Entertaining Speaker

  • Humorously Speaking

  • Special Occasion Speeches

  • Speaking to Inform

  • Technical Presentations

  • Professional Speaking

  • Interpretive Reading

  • Speeches by Management

Leadership track

The Competent Leadership manual opens this track and is made up of ten projects covering leadership skills such as “Critical Thinking”, “Time Management”, “Giving Feedback” or “Listening Skills”. Projects are completed by doing meeting roles such as timekeeper, speech evaluator or toastmaster of the meeting. When completing the roles hand over your manual to someone else to receive a written evaluation and feedback. You’ll additionally receive feedback on your performance from the meeting’s general evaluator.

Subsequent projects in this track include serving on the club’s committee for a minimum of six months. Delivering speeches from the Successful Club Series or Leadership Excellence Series. Covering respectively, aspects of successful club management and key leadership skills and attributes. Or even serving as a District leader coordinating the activities of several Toastmasters clubs.

The leadership track can be more rewarding that the communication track. Do NOT neglect it!

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