Best Scientific Advances and Improvised Speeches – 12th July 

Florian was the Toastmaster of the evening and chose a very “Florianesque” theme of the evening: What are the best scientific advances?  Personally, I would have picked toilet paper, but thankfully the speakers and functionary had more meaningful answers such as antibiotics, the wheel, and the Internet.  Fahad as the Grammarian picked the word phenomenal and asked the audience to yell “EUREKA” whenever it was used in the meeting.  This ensured plentiful usage.  Cleo was timekeeper and Judy was Harkmaster.

We had four speeches from various levels of the CC.  The first speaker, Christophe, started us off by explaining why veganism is trending.  It was quite a deep speech with questions such as why do we call it beef rather than cow or pork rather than pig. Was it to distance ourselves from the animal?  I had to think about it that night when I chowed down on my beef tartar.

The second speaker was Eleanor who successfully convinced us that Beethoven’s music is so good that NASA decided to put his music on the Voyager spacecraft that is now 15 billion kilometers away from Earth.  And the craziest fact about Beethoven is that he continued to compose against all odds even as he became completely deaf.


Eleanor delivering her speech

George is an EBay guru.  In his speech, he told the story of how a 3-hour PowerPoint presentation in the British Library turned into him publishing a book that is available on Amazon.  And he did not stop there!  He wrote three more books after that.


George delivering his speech

The last speaker of the evening was Tatiana, with a speech about her Pie Challenge.  She made a bet with a friend to bake a pie in as many countries as possible.  It turns out this is quite an undertaking.  Think about it.  You need a kitchen, ingredients, and time in order to make this happen.  And she has done it 8 times now!  I have never even baked a pie in my life!


Tatiana delivering her speech

Lastly on agenda were table topics with our excellent Table Topics Master Nuala.  She provided pictures for the speakers to improvise on.  We had several great stories including Pranav, who would build a nuclear reactor using a paper clip and bandaid and John who told the story of an old lady that kidnapped his cat Curtis.

Overall, the meeting was phenomenal!  EUREKA!