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My 3 years journey to DTM

In the Beginning When I did my icebreaker speech in Cheltenham Speakers in June 2013, little did I know back then that I would become a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) just 3 years later. A few weeks later I was living … Continue reading

A splendid Victorian start to 2015 – 6th & 8th January

As befitted our first meeting in 2015, the theme of the evening of Tuesday 6th of January toastmastered by our Vice-President Education Fahad Alturkait was New Year resolutions. Timekeeper Anne was in charge of our lights for her first role … Continue reading

London Victorians takes over Paris!

Shortly after planning my Christmas break in Paris with my family, I could not resist the chance to have a look and wonder “perhaps one of Paris’ Toastmasters club will meeting while I am here”. Lo and behold, Toastmasters Expressions … Continue reading