Requesting speeches

Requesting speeches works in a similar way to role requests, as you need to click on the ‘request a speech’ link of the ‘My Participation’ menu. Doing so will open a new popup windows, containing three tabs, ‘Speech Title’, ‘Workbook/Speech’ and ‘Preferred Dates’.

You only need to write in your speech title in the first tab, but you do not need to do so right there and then. You can always add your speech title later as we will see.

If the Vice-President Education has not done so already, you must select the Competent Communicator as the workbook in which you will be working on. Alternatively, if you are an advanced speaker, please select the title of the workbook that applies to you.

You will need to express your first, second and third preferred dates in the last tab. Whenever possible, we will endeavour to accommodate your first preference, but should it not be possible we may have to reschedule your speech to your second or third preferred dates.

Once this process is completed, the Vice-President Education will be notified by e-mail and will schedule your speech accordingly.

Should you need to add or amend the title of your speech before a meeting, you can do so by clicking on the pencil circled in green below which will pop up the ‘Speech Title’ tab. You can additionally formally accept the role of speaker for that speech by clicking on the green thumbs-up button.

EasySpeak Guide 11_altered