Confirming & Amending Your Attendance

The first page you will reach upon clicking ‘London Victorians’ will be showing several things but the most pre-eminent of them will be the agenda of the next meeting.

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The fields circled in green allow you to confirm your attendance. Clicking on the green thumbs-up confirms your attendance and the red thumbs-down signals that you are not coming.

It is also possible to use the boxes under the ‘confirm attendance’ column. Clicking the circle to the right of Y signals that you are coming icon_yes_up, the one to the right of N that you are not coming icon_no_up. You can also say that you might come by clicking next to the question mark.

Clicking ‘Previous’ or ‘Next’ (highlighted in yellow) will move you to the agendas of the following or previous meetings where you can perform the same operations.

Typically a week to ten days before a meeting, you will receive an automated e-mail by our Vice President Education if you have not already confirmed your attendance. This e-mail contains links enabling you to inform us if you will be able to attend the meeting or not.

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It is very important that you communicate your attendance to club meetings and that you give as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend. This way you won’t receive automated reminder e-mails or be chased up by a member of the committee. Giving plenty of notice allows roles to be rescheduled, so kindly bear that in mind.