Arrive early!

Welcome and talk to the guests as they arrive

Try to speak with every guest

Ensure that no guest sits alone!

Make sure that club members are speaking with guests

Be friendly and welcoming!

“I always want my guests to be happy and impressed”

Gail Simmons – Canadian Food writer


Guests are massively important to the club. Both as future club members, and by contributing to the atmosphere in each meeting. Your role as Guestmaster is to assist the Sergeant at Arms in to welcoming them to the meeting and in ensuring that they are well looked after.

Before the meeting starts

Ensure that you’re there early and at least 20mins before the meeting starts. Stand by the door with the Sergeant at Arms to welcome guests as they arrive in the room.

As soon as a new guest arrives, welcome them in give them a copy of the guest booklet, ask them to provide their details (name, e-mail, How they found about us etc…) and direct them to sit anywhere they want. Ideally guests should sit next to a club member so that they can chat with him or her.

If you see two club members speaking between themselves while a guest sits on their own, do not hesitate to direct them to the guest. First impressions greatly matters and nothing is worse than to be sitting by oneself in an unfamiliar place.

During the meeting

Help ensuring that every guests has an agenda and a feedback slip so that they can make the most of the meeting.

During the break be ready to answer any questions guests may have regarding the meeting so far. Direct them to committee members if they are interested in joining the club or wish to obtain more information. The break will also be a chance for you to share your story with them on how Toastmasters benefited you and how they too could benefit from our club.

After the meeting

Thank each guest for coming to the meeting alongside the Sergeant at Arms and the club President. Invite them to follow club members for a drink or two afterwards in the after-meeting social. Finally, make sure that every guest details has provided their details by filling in a guest card.