An extra-ordinary meeting

Meeting report by Azem. This week we took to – an online meeting app (think The Sims!)

We gathered at the London Victorians Castle, which was quite recently built, just for us. A tour around the castle helped us get acquainted with our surroundings. The London Victorians Castle consisted of some 8 rooms and plenary and just like London, a lot of green spaces in-between. It was a castle on the seaside. Just the way we all liked it. 

We all joined a medieval banquet and invited different people from different periods in time. One came from the future and several others revisited Earth from the past, just for us London Victorians. We even went to the beginning of time and learnt how we all came to be. Our queen honoured us with her presence.  

Attending the virtual stage in

It was an event with lots of unknowns; however, it was fun as well, trying to discover what we could and couldn’t do. The best part was that we used our imagination a lot today. In time, we lose our imagination and become a part of the flow. However, we are much more than bricks in a wall. Discovering that was eye-opening. 

We went to different periods in time, talked with different people and some fictional characters. All in all, an unusual and an extraordinary event.