Wickedly Worldly

This week at London Victorians we celebrated Halloween the only we know how.. With wonderful, wicked, whimsical words!

From Australia to Peru, cults to clocks, poems to peasants, Tuesday’s meeting took as on a journey through the underworld. Our bloody Toastmaster, Annabel, even dressed us for the occasion!

We devoured some bone chilling speeches and learnt a lot, like how to avoid the choking grasp of a cult and that most of our fellow Toastmasters grew up in countries where Halloween was just a myth.

Thank you everyone who made this a night so deadly!

Best Speaker: Massimo, ‘Cults: How To Get In / How To Get Out’
Best Table Topics: Washington, tales of Halloweens past
Best Evaluator: Lucy, on Harry’s ‘ The greatest dish in the world’

Al, our devious Gramarian
Eeanor, possessed by Oscar Wilde reading ‘The Ballard of Reading Gaol’
Count von Count speaking on his favorite topic, clocks!
Paulina, our petrifying RINGleader