How to join us

Joining our Toastmasters club will help you develop the skills you need to become a better public speaker, communicator and leader.

What’s the process to join? 

Normally, non-members follow this 3-step process before becoming members:

  1. Enquire via our website contact page about the club and meetings; or just fill out our Guest form and come along to a meeting to see how it works
  2. Visit our Toastmasters Club another 1 or 2 times, and get the feeling that the club is the right environment for you
  3. Respond to the club membership team requesting to join

And then:

  • Start planning speeches
  • Attend meetings regularly as a member and take part as much as possible
  • Plan, practice, re-assess. Then plan, practice and re-assess again
  • Approach a mentor from the club membership if you want to develop faster
  • Get involved in the clubs social events and even the running of the club
  • Become a great presenter, communicator and leader

Whether you want to achieve this for your work or personal life, becoming a member will provide you with a structured, internationally recognised learning plan and supportive environment to become a highly competent communicator and leader.

There is a membership fee, as we are a club not an organisation. The fee pays for the club to operate the meetings which includes paying for the venue, acquiring equipment to help the meetings run smoothly and club subscriptions to Toastmasters International.

Each membership fee also includes personal registration with Toastmasters International so you can follow the internationally recognised educational programmes they provide, have access to their material and be involved in the wider Toastmaster community with all the opportunities that offers.

How long will it take before I’m a good speaker?

Joining a Toastmasters club is not a quick fix. Most of our members join for the long-term because this is a skill that must be developed and practiced regularly to be effective. We often have people join our Toastmasters Club near Victoria who previously went to a one day course and have forgotten everything.

You should see an improvement every time you give a speech or take part in the meeting roles.

There are nearly 200 speech slots a year, and over 500 smaller speaking opportunities – so you can go as quickly, or slowly, as you wish.

Another tip for members is to visit as often as possible and learn from the speakers on the night. You can learn a lot from observing and evaluating other speeches with a view to incorporating techniques into your own speeches.

Please contact us for further information, or feel free to come along to one of our meetings.

Join our weekly meeting

We’re currently meeting online via Zoom, every Tuesday at 18h30