The Art of Toasting

Written by Stephanie

Tonight we were reminded why we joined Toastmasters.
For some, to eliminate the butterflies and others to speak like broadcasters
All in all, we want to improve ourselves in an area we can grow
And one day be treasured liked a painting by van Gogh

We heard some savvy sales pitching tips from Susanne
Which we can use to sell to anyone, even the milkman  

Cyril taught us that there is power in remaining silent
Which is superior to being violent  
We ended the prepared speeches with Camila’s leadership style
And discovered she is extremely versatile.

The Evaluators were direct, compassionate and inspiring
Their suggestions and praises will never be expiring

We dived into terrific table topics and the speaking level was high
The victims did not disappoint and answering the questions as if they’d hit bulls-eye

The Grammarian, Time keeper and general evaluator were sound in their approach
Their reports reminded me of a game play given by a football coach

All in all, a magnificent time we all had.
Do join us next time, comrade 

(Wherever you are in the world, London, Ohio or Delhi, you can meet us as a guest every Tuesday from 18:30 GMT)