Smart Moves! You Can Count On It

Meeting Reporter: Zahndri Prinsloo

On Tuesday 26 June 2018, the London Victorians Toastmasters club hosted yet anther great evening… A spectacular evening well prepared speeches, amazing evaluations as feedback to improve and good old fun with unprepared speaking on an interesting topic – ancestry. Just so you know, every Tuesday a spectacular things take place during out meetings. No exception. No compromise.

If you could’t join us, you missed the fun, but below are some of the highlights of the evening.
Why don’t you come and visit us and share your passion to become a spectacular public speaker, it happens every Tuesday, the next meeting is on 3rd July 2018. at 18:30 at

St James the Less Church, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria, London, SW1V 2PS.

Nuala (Club President) presenting a New Member Certificate to Ariel (new club member)

Our club President Nuala McHugh welcomed one of our club’s newest members – Arial Elboyim.
The Founder of the Toastmasters Organisation – Mr Ralph C Smedley said: “Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual, we work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others.”

Congratulations to our very own club President – Nuala – who was recently appointed as an Area Director in District 91 for 2018/2019. Wonderful to see one of our very own setting themselves up for increased leadership development.

The theme of the evening was “Smart Moves” as chosen by the Toastmasters of the evening – Mohammed Salih (aka Moh). Moh introduced each speaker and each role player with what they have experienced as a smart move. The one smart move that definitely stood out was the friend of club member Luke, who made the move to work on a yacht. Now a few years later, that very friend is a captain of a yacht and doing very well for himself. That was a smart move!


Word of the evening (Artist: Ariel the Grammarian)

The Grammarian for the evening was Ariel (yes! You guessed it! Our newest member!). The word he chose for the evening was: SYMBIOTIC. Symbiotic is defined as denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups. The word of the evening was used a total of 13 times between the various speakers! Well done!


2 ladies. 2 speeches. Smart Move!
Yo Li – “How to have it easy”
Yo came to the realisation in her life that for her to have it easy, she will have to work really hard. Her scuba diving trip to Thailand was no exception.
She experienced 3 very particular challenges during the scuba dive trip:
– 1st dive: challenged mentally
– 2nd dive: challenged physically
– 3rd dive: challenged mentally and physically and physically suffered
After the scuba diving trip, she posted a thumbs up photo on social media about an awesome scuba diving experience despite the challenges she incurred.

Yo (on the left) and Jackie (on the right) were our fabulous prepared speakers for the evening

Yo Li is a great storyteller – she clearly took us through her hard working and challenging experience while scuba diving.

Jackie G – “How to have a good argument”
Having a good argument is not natural territory for most of us.
Jackie talked about conflict avoidance – she goes into flight mode not fight mode. But she does slam the door close to emphasize her feelings. ☺
From Jackie’s speech we learnt that in an argument there does not always have to be a winner and 3 ways to save our relationships:
1. Always get the full story
2. Avoid adding fuel to the fire
3. Compromise

Ahmed (on the left) and Sid (on the right) were the evaluators for the speakers’ speeches.

And like a truly innovative speaker, Jackie included the work of the evening in her speech. Well well done!!

At the meeting we had 4 most welcomed guests present at the meeting, each with their own unique reasons for attending:
1. Hugh – he has 2 best men speech to prepare for.
2. Victoria – want to work on developing her public speaking skills
3. Eric – recognises the need to grow personally and professionally & that is why he visits the club. He will be a member soon… Watch this space!
4. Lola – (like Lola’s cupcakes) want to develop a symbiotic relationship between herself and public speaking

Nuala recognising Yo for presenting her Ice Breaker speech

The Harkmaster for the evening (Joseph) was an absolute hero! He brought a box of Cadbury Hero’s with him to reward each member that successfully answered his questions which tested our listening skills of all the speakers on the evening. Just as Mr Ralph C Smedley has been quoted saying: “Real communication is impossible without listening”.

Nuala presenting the Best Table Topics award to our guest – Lola

In conclusion ladies and gentlemen:
Each club meeting at the London Victorians club meeting is truly unique and spectacular. It will be our pleasure to host you at our next club meeting. And YOU will definitely reap the rewards of increased self-confidence and personal growth.

Jim Rohn said it best when he said:
“Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune”.

Only at the Toastmasters. Where leaders are made.