New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Natalie

We’ve made it to the second week of the year and we are off to a strong start with 2020 vision. Beating the January blues, the theme of the night for our Toastmasters meeting on the 14th Jan was New Year’s Resolutions. Have you set your resolution yet? If you’re like me and have already broken it – don’t worry, there’s a whole year to pick it back up.

The meeting started with our esteemed club president Paulina who, as always, filled the room with her vivacious energy and positivity. Our Toastmaster Sergey then kicked things off by explaining the course of events to come, while inviting each contributor to the stage to explain their role. The word of the day was buoyant, which turned out to be very representative of the evening.

We were lucky to have 4 accomplished speakers come to the stage, starting with Kelvin’s ice-breaker speech ‘Late Bloomers Never Quit’. He brought us along on his journey from his school days to where he is today. Mohammed then followed with his speech entitled ‘Encounters’ he was able to inspire the audience by sharing some of his life’s hardships and highlights.

The third speaker to the stage was Massimo with ‘Communication Styles: AIDS in communication’, he explained the impact of choosing communication styles when conveying a message to a specific audience. The final prepared speech was delivered by Yue, who offered a different perspective on procrastination and the common connotations that come with it. 

As with every toastmaster meeting, the speeches are accompanied by evaluations. This part of the evening is invaluable as the feedback really helps provide constructive criticism, positive feedback and insight that forms a big part of the learning journey. 

During the break we had the chance to chat, stretch our legs and get the energy levels back up for the impromptu speaking section; the table topics. These are impromptu topics given to volunteer speakers which means no preparation, thinking on your feet and making a coherent 1-2 minute speech. It’s daunting but a real adrenaline rush and honestly a lot of fun. Tom Peters smashed it out the park with his second win in a row. 

As we wrapped up the evening Paulina concluded the night by handing out the coveted awards (listed below) and a short round up of club business. A new exciting and buoyant role was assigned at the end of the evening – a barmaster! Come to the bar and socialise with your fellow toasties! 

Congratulations to the winners of the evening!

Best Speaker Award – Kelvin Ke

Best Evaluator Award – Washington Gwenzi

Best Table Topics Award – Tom Peters

Next meeting we have an assertiveness workshop delivered by the winner of the Division B Table Topics contest – one not to be missed!