New Committee is Born 2020-2021

Written by Mohammed, 26th June

Paulina, our president told us how taking up her role offered challenges and amazing opportunities for her. This included moving the club from venue to venue and then to online. Leading meant building resilience for Paulina, this is what Toastmaster does to people.

Christ jumped on the horse of toastmasters the whole meeting, sprinkling smiles and positive comments after each speech was needed when home locked up. He told us we have 3 speeches and 3 evaluations, that’s how London Victorians meet weekly with plenty of speeches.

The Timekeeper, Lucy was in charge of changing screen colours to indicate time progress for participants, those colours were carefully integrated into her background, her face colour and eyes, this is mimicking a chameleon from the wild, eyes colours? very spooky when it gets to red.

Are you listening guys! That’s what Jon, the Harkmaster was after, listening. Despite this was his first official role in the club, Jon dished out great questions that reminded us of what we just heard from speeches. Jon told us that 50% of content gets forgotten within one hour according to psychologists.

The meeting reporter Mohammed (Woops! That’s myself) told us that perhaps over the centuries there were many speeches that were lost forever, however those that survived were the ones that were documented like I going to do. Just imagine this blog reaching millions across the world being published on our web site. I invite you to sign up to the next meeting reporter and impact the lives of future generations to read, learn and enjoy.
The first speech from Saloomeh reminded us of the World War when Winston Churchill was leading and projected his toughness to fight for freedom, “We shall fight on the streets, we will never surrender”. How does mental health affect us all and why should we care?

Sophia a second speaker told us about gifts and journaling, what it did for her and why should we consider it to get clarity for our goals and manage negative self-talk. Our third speaker Lukas convinced us to start waxing, yes all wax please! men and women, but his waxing was related to education as “Was on, wax off” from the movie “The Karate Kid” and how important to keep learning until you see the benefit.

Three great evaluations lead by Annabel, Stephanie and Alex, what was commended included well researched speech, persuasive language used, informative style with statistics, welcoming smile, asking questions, injecting humour. Recommendations included looking at the structure of the speech and implement it during delivery to avoid losing the audience, and to use more statistics to support your message.

Out general evaluator told us what we are doing wonderfully well and what we can consider to improve that included avoiding exaggerations, stand up when talking, give the audience time to obtain replies to questions.
Eleanor managed the AGM, review and new year. She emphasised how great this club is over the years, hence le’t “stay fantastic as always, we have been”.

The AGM The Annual General Meeting which was dedicated to selecting the new club executive committee gave birth to the new team, all the best guys and have a prosperous year ahead.

Why don’t you visit us next Tuesday?

President – Lucy
Vice President Education VPE – Agatha
Vice President Mentoring VPM – George
Vice President Membership VPM – Natalie & Annabel
Vice President Public Relations VPPR – Raj & Michelle
Treasurer – Florian