International speech contest 2019

Report by: Agatha Amachree

This was a special meeting because we held our International speech contest which was chaired by

Batool and Jackie.

Our President of London Victorians opened with an introduction, citing this quote by Colin Powell –

“The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort. “

And with that the contest began with our chair Batool setting out contest rules and the aim of the contest which she stated are;

i. Opportunity for speakers to improve speaking skills

ii. For us to be motivated by the best

iii. To visualise each contestant’s progress in their toastmaster’s journey

The chair Batool then introduced the 1st speaker Mo with his speech titled – One leader.

Mo is on the toastmaster pathway Dynamic leadership. And he has discovered three things from his pathway and he described this to us in three points.

i. Style of leadership

ii. Scene/story from his life which reflected leadership

iii. Suggestions (to us) on leadership

Mo ended with this quote by Jim Rohn “…be strong, but not rude, be kind but not weak, be proud but not arrogant”. He also motivated us to lead without a title.

Our 2nd speaker for the contest was Robert with his speech titled – Growing up

Robert describes his ‘Malcolm in the middle’ growing up experience to us with three recollections

i. Wasps

ii. Pranks

iii. Christmas

Of course the Christmas ends up with a fire on the dinner table as you would expect.

Our third and final contestant was Anna with her speech titled – The f word. Yes Feminism.

Anna presented us with some interesting statistics to illustrate her points.

And she related to us some of the reasons why people were not on board with feminism which were;

i. People thought the idea was Outdated. With some statistics from 2019, Anna was able

to prove to us that that was not the case.

ii. Man hating

iii. Angry bra burning women. Anna assured us that the bra burning never happened. A

misunderstanding arose from a protest where women were throwing out stuff, and a

bra was dropped in the pile, but it was never set on fire.

This concluded the first part of the evening and we broke for tea and chat. We had guest judges

carrying out secret votes.

The 2nd part of the evening was chaired by our 2nd chairperson Jackie. Jackie introduced our mystery speaker, Dorota. Dorota is a member of another club who volunteered to be our mystery speaker for the evaluator part of the contest. It was her first visit to London Victorians and she delivered a speech as a mystery speaker. Dorota’s speech was titled – Is failing a failure. After narrating to us a rich story of her personal experience, Dorota concluded by reminding us that failing is not a failure, it is a lesson, failure is only failure if you don’t learn from it.

Now it was time for the evaluator contestants to prep their evaluations on the mystery speech.

The chairperson Jackie used this opportunity to run a table topics sessions which is when people give an impromptu speech on anything the table topics master presents.

The evaluators emerged with their evaluations.

First Andrew who recommended open body language and commended the speaker for her bravery to share.

Then Stephanie who commended structure and content of speech and recommended for more purposeful movement on stage.

The third evaluator was Joseph who commended the mystery speaker for vulnerability and inspiring the audience and recommended vocal variation and use of repetition.

The fourth evaluator was Robert who commended the speaker for good chronological order, structure and humour in the speech.

With such interesting speeches I forgot we were having a contest but alas the votes were in and it was time for the awards –

Winner of speech contest:


Winner of evaluator contest:

1st Stephanie

2nd Joseph

Congratulations to all of our contestants and participants especially our mystery speaker and judges.

Now unto bigger and better for the participants and winners who will represent London Victorians at the area contest.