Getting to know the members behind the screens

By Stephanie.

This Toastmaster’s meeting we were able to see into each other’s home as well as our online speaking skills.

Here are some things I have learned from London Victorian members and guests.

  • Agatha, the first speaker, admires people who have struggled, are academic and can solve problems. She is best suited to a mentor she appreciates. In the past, most of her mentors departed before Agatha was ready, yet from every relationship she has grown.
  • Nikki, the second speaker, enlightens people to think about how they speak to themselves. She taught us how positive compassion increases opioids in our brain and decreases stress.
  • Phillip, the third speaker, enjoys informing people about coffee. He knows a thing or two on the different types and how much it costs. It seems that Phillip does not agree on fee of a coffee. He enjoys buying single origin coffee and making it himself. He also has a fabulous plant in his home.
  • The fourth speaker, Camilla, opened our eyes to the reason people have been panic buying. She identifies people panic buy because they are disgusted, mirror other and need control. If you need any help understanding your panic buying behaviour, she is your girl.

From what I could gather, the evaluators want each speaker to improve. They encourage them take leaps and congratulate them on their speaking achievements. They all had some great voices and we can all learn from their advice, which was less filler words, more vocal variety online is needed and that we can all focus on our language.

Now onto the table topics enthusiasts.

  • Charles, a guest, is a doctor and can work home from with ease
  • Mike, another guest, misses his friends and would start an isolation band
  • Raj,  who looks like a cat person, told us about how the airline and events companies would join forces and become stronger through alcohol
  • Rolan, another guest, has experienced a lot of high and lows during this uncertain time

There were other members who I think we would all appreciate knowing about.

  • Paulina, club president, is a believer in kindness and connectivity.
  • Mohammad, the toastmaster, speaks motivationally and enjoys virtual backgrounds.
  • Lucy, the timekeeper, enjoys turning into different colours of a traffic light and reports on time in a unique way.
  • The grammarian, Chris, showed us all some Liberty and we can work on our “ums” and “ahs”.
  • Jackie, the sergeant at arms, a friendly and kind soul, can really make people feel welcome.
  • The general evaluator, Priyenden, pushes the members to improve their roles.
  • And lastly David, the table topics evaluator, he has an eye for the distance one should sit from electronic devices and facial expression are a way forward with online meetings.

There is a place and role for everyone at London Victorians and if you want to push yourself, visit us and become part of this great club.