Club Meetings

From London to Bermuda to Lesotho

Today’s virtual meeting was opened by our club president Lucy, remembering the days of vis-à-vis meetings.

We welcomed 4 new members! 3 new toastmasters and 1 returning Victorian. After welcoming new members, Lucy introduced the Toastmaster of the evening, Florian, who has just returned from a spell as District 91 director this past year.

Our first speaker, Natalie, took the virtual stage and took us with her to the multi-sensory and provoking yoga retreat she attended, remembering parsnip cake and warm oat drink with cardamom, she galvanised us to keep an open mind and try new things. Congratulations to Natalie as this speech completes her Level One on the Toastmasters “innovative planning” pathway.

Galvanise is our word of the day set by our Grammarian, Annabel, meaning to shock or excite into taking action.

Second speaker, Mo, is direct and analytical as he relates to us his communication style from his motivational strategies pathway. He leaves us with this nugget: people will forget what you say, what you do, but not how you made them feel.

Thirdly, we had Massimo speaking from the Dynamic Leadership pathway, he took us on the hero’s journey of separation, initiation and return as he relayed to us his extraordinary encounter with Fred the baboon.

Following the speeches were helpful and inspiring feedback by our speech evaluators, Darren, Jon and Paulina.  

And then we welcomed 3 guests! An old friend of the club, who was kindly acting as an external evaluator of our meeting, a returning guest from Bermuda and a new face from Lesotho, yes the countries, not a borough in London, one of the joys of online meeting.

Now, what would you say to a buyer, if you had to sell a property in these unusual neighbourhoods? Property located next to a Powerplant? The centre of the Grand Canyon? the Katy freeway (26 lane traffic)? UK’s biggest sewage plant? The top of Mount Everest?

Our topics speakers performed excellently in this impromptu speaking session, from offering incredible finance deals to convincing us of the panoramic views from the top of Mount Everest that will literally take your breath away. This session was led by Michelle, our Topics Master, and speakers received helpful feedback from Camila, Topic Evaluator.

We have big dates in our calendar! Join us for our Humorous speech and Table topics contest on 22nd September 2020