Vice President of Public Relations

VP of Public Relations Responsibilities

As VP of Public Relations you are ultimately responsible for the way the club is perceived by members, guests and the wider Toastmaster community by it’s marketing activities.

You will contribute directly to the growth of the clubs membership base, membership retention and education of all the clubs members by ensuring regular high quality communications are put out by the club.

You will think strategically about how the club is promoting itself, what type of content would benefit the educational progress of members and be a champion of the club to everyone who might encounter it.

This role will give you a chance to develop your creative skills, your marketing skills and will give you first hand experience of leading others to success.

You will create content that will benefit the membership base, using your skills or by assigning people in the club. The content should be educational and focused on helping members develop their skills and should be released on the various systems we have regularly.

You will be responsible for reporting to your committee colleague on the progress and success of the clubs communications.

VP of Public Relations tasks:

This role is crucial to the club and you will have to complete several tasks regularly to succeed:

  • Work closely with the Club Marketing Manager to ensure regular communications
  • Set the tone for all communications
  • Regularly review communication strategy and make sure it is performing as desired to attract new guests and engage current members
  • Evaluate regularly at the club’s public relation & marketing tools, such as the website and social media presence and innovate or improve as required
  • Create additional content with a view to providing educational value to members
  • Be responsible for promoting events that the club holds from time to time.
  • Assist the Marketing Manager with regular newsletters, social media activity, website updates etc

You will need to have one eye constantly on the marketing and communications of the club, making sure that everything done is inline with your vision and strategy.

You will need to be hands on with tasks such as the newsletter and social media activity every week.


The role of VP of Public Relations is essential to the success of the club and you will be rewarded by seeing the membership base grow and members implementing what they learn from your communications in their speeches and roles.

You will develop your creative side, strategic thinking and leadership skills as you direct multiple other people to contribute toward the success of public relations for the club.