Vice President of Mentoring

VP of Mentoring Responsibilities

As the Vice President of Mentoring at London Victorians you are responsible for all members are given assistance in developing their public speaking & leadership skills from experienced members of the club.

It is the responsibility of every member to contribute to others success at the club, it is your responsibility to recognise this and manage the process of pairing people together to achieve success.

When new members join the club, it will be your responsibility to ensure they understand the benefits of having a mentor, assigning one to them and continuously checking on the progress of the relationship.

You will also need to inspire mentors to get involved in the system, and give them guidelines on how to aid members as effectively as possible. You should also check regularly with mentors and find ways of educating them in how to complete their responsibilities well.

You will also be responsible for understanding every member’s speech frequency goals using the clubs tools, and working with the VP of Education to ensure members desires for speaking regularity are met as much as possible.

You will lead the team of mentors to make sure the function is a massive benefit to members, and a huge asset of the club in general. Having a proven mentoring system and a conscious activity to serve members speaking frequency desires is a huge selling proposition of the club.