President’s responsibilities

The President doesn’t so much have responsibilities, you are RESPONSIBLE. The buck stops with you at every level within the club and it is your job to ensure every single member of the committee team has the support and tools they need to do their job.

You will be the ultimate support for every other member of the committee and meeting management team and be able to step in to support their role if they need you.

You will also remember that you are the ultimate voice of the club members, over and above the committee. You will be the ears and voice of the members in everything you do in your position of leadership.

You will need to constantly be aware and be checking on the success of every function within the club and most importantly, you will have the persuasive skills and courage to act if things are not going how they should be.

This role is not only very hands on, it requires someone who can be innovative and strategic. Anything that stands still too long, dies. You will be required to maneuverer the club throughout your year so it develops to suit any challenges or needs that arise.

Our club is built from a set of core values, that the club will be inclusive of everyone, fun in an encouraging way, educational for its members and professional in the way it goes about its business. You will accept these values in everything you do and innovate around them.

Aside from the background work, you are also responsible for making sure that every single meeting is opened with style, professionalism and energy. Promoting the club and Toastmasters International.

You must also think very carefully about how to leave the club in a better position than when you took the reigns. Succession planning is a massive part of this role and you should form goals and a strategy on how you will achieve them, right at the outset.

President Tasks

Based on the principle above, you will choose your own set of tasks. This is a very demanding job that will give you as much as you put in.


Being the club president gives you so much opportunity to learn. Directing people, owning responsibility, innovating, directing committee meeting and much more.

You will sense achievement every step of the way and enjoy your time as the Club President.

At the end of your appointment, you will be retained for at least 12 months as a contributor to the club as the Immediate Past President, and ensure the incoming president and committee uphold the values of the club.