Comedy Cures, Take Your Dose

It sounds like comedy is a needed daily dose.

Once upon a time, there was a child that laughed every day at anything that appeared before his eyes. Giggling seemed natural that actually came as easy as breathing does.
Over time, things began to be more serious, demanding that one is more cautious of what is funny and what isn’t. Now it is not funny to laugh at the cat that fell into the water, or to watch someone’s umbrella blown away by a gusty wind. Perhaps one is reprimanded with “Wipe off that smile off your face boy!”.

President Obama himself has always been shockingly good as a comedian

President Obama himself has always been shockingly good as a comedian

It seems that the environment around us is collaborating to wipe off that smile, via many ways; the news, drama, poverty, wars and “Be serious”. Actually, a smile is the first step towards happiness, there are things that make us smile readily, and there are things that make us frown. However, through much studies, seminars and NLP it seems to me that happiness is a choice.

Choosing Happiness

In every situation, we can roll down the misery hill, or we can climb up the pleasant summit to plant the flag of happiness. Usually the choice is within us. From the first moment we wake up in the morning, the eyes blink, the lungs pull a deep breath, the third choice usually is connected to mood; Either I am happy to be alive or O no! Not another hard day! Those few seconds set our outlook for the day, and if repeated it will set the mode for our life.

I wonder what happens when we remember our childhood years, how do we suddenly find them funny, and at times hilarious to be able to share them with friends and family. What childhood memory do you remember that makes you smile? giggle and perhaps laugh? At that scene, do you see yourself that vibrant child happily exploring the world and trying things out? What happened to those moments? Did you bury them and escape?

Fun and Comedy at Hard Times

Hard times can be funny, this is because what we see as hard times will become funny later with a fresh pair of eyes, ears, hearts and minds. So why wait? Why can’t we see the funny side today that appear to us as challenges? Tariq Suwaidan a management guru and public speaker relate this story. “As I arrived to deliver my talk, the projector wouldn’t work, so I laughed. The technical guys stressing asked: Why are you laughing? He said: Stress or laugh, it is not going to fix it, so I might as well laugh”. If we can smile in the face of misery, we can lead with confidence, our bodies will radiate rays of positive energy that we all crave for, which will help us get through the day, with such a state solutions start flowing towards us like a waterfall.

The Child is Calling You

Ola Aralepo teaching comedy

Ola Aralepo

Now! That giggling child still lives inside everyone of us, let’s breathe life into his heart and enjoy a night of learning how to do comedy, how to lift others through a smile we create. Our friend Ola has agreed to do just that for us, to show us how to do comedy, so come over, let’s have fun and take your dose of energy.

Keep smiling, keep living, keep shining and remain a great force for positive energy.

When? Tuesday, the 7th of August 2018 at 18:30.

Where? St James the Less Church, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria, London, SW1V 2PS Map Location 

What? Comedy Workshop, Just turn up for FREE!