Club Meetings

A vibrant conclusion to 2014 – 16th December

A vibrant session with “dissection” as the Word of the Day, thanks to Ross Coleman our Grammarian of the evening. Toastmaster of the evening, Jill Segal led us through the three sections of our meeting – Prepared Speeches, Evaluations and Table Topics.

First in line for Speeches was our very own Daniela Ortner, finishing her competent communicator project number 10 “Inspire your audience“… which she did indeed! Daniela, best speaker of the night, showed us how money CAN buy happiness, in this case for Ormond Street Hospital children and their benefactors. OUR VERY FIRST CC AWARD! George Chiesa delivered a technical briefing on online password security which got us all thinking, and our President Florian Bay made us laugh with his venture into modern art in Paris.

Table Topics Master Sergey posed some very hard questions to which our members AND guests responded bravely, with one first-time guest winning the Best Topic vote!

A lovely end to our first four months as London’s newest Club.

Daniela receiving her CC award

Next meeting

Come and join our very first meeting of 2015, which is on Tuesday 6th January at 6:30pm. If possible, we suggest you arrive at 6.15pm so that we can start on time.

Guests, other club members or just curious onlookers most welcome.

Join us at the Windsor Castle Pub, located a few minutes away from Victoria train and tube station.