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Toastmasters Speech Contests A Great Success

It’s contest season in the Toastmasters’ calendar and last week London Victorians held their Humorous Speech and Table Table contests. As always, club contests are a great way to show off some of a club’s more proficient speakers while giving … Continue reading

What’s Your Purpose? Follow up to the workshop

During Ernesto’s recent workshop at London Victorians he spoke about an exercise involving a list of questions to help you find your purpose. You can download the exercise below, it also includes a list of further resources. If anyone has … Continue reading

Toastmaster Meeting – Inspirational Leaders

On the 4th October Isabelle made her debut as Toastmaster of the Meeting in confident style. Isabelle had asked all speakers and functionaries in advance who their most inspirational leader or speaker was and why. She then used their answers … Continue reading

Linguistic Devices

I have been researching linguistic devices for my grammarian role at tonight’s Toastmaster meeting. Tonight I will particularly be looking out for the following linguistic techniques. Alliteration An alliteration is the repetition of the same sound or letter at the beginning … Continue reading

Homorous Speech and Table Topics Contest

The lights were dimmed, guests were in their seats, and the judges had been briefed; most were relaxed, looking forward to the evening’s entertaining speeches. The contestants and organisers were looking a bit more serious. 13th September 2016 was the … Continue reading