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The greatest thing about being a toastmaster

Report by: Ariel Elboim Good evening London Victorians and wayward visitors to the London Victorians site. London Victorians is undoubtedly the most energetically vibrant Toastmasters club in London and it has achieved this, both objective and subjective reputation, by instilling one … Continue reading

International speech contest 2019

Report by: Agatha Amachree This was a special meeting because we held our International speech contest which was chaired by Batool and Jackie. Our President of London Victorians opened with an introduction, citing this quote by Colin Powell – “The healthiest … Continue reading

It’s not all about me – it’s about us

Report by: Raj Roy Good evening most valued guests, and welcome to our blog. You’re perhaps wondering what happens at a Toastmaster’s session – let me guide you through tonight’s events. Our President, Eleanor, opened tonight’s proceedings with a warm … Continue reading

Alumni Evening at London Victorians

Report by: Jack S Summary An alumni-themed evening with four great speeches, five table topics, six uses of the word fossick, and seven(ish) chocolates for the best listeners. Formalities Our President, Eleanor, kicked things off by invoking the statesman Colin … Continue reading

New Year Resolutions 2019

Report by: Kam Johal We had another dynamic meeting on Tuesday, filled with loads of great speeches and valuable feedback. To begin, we had our Toastmasters for the evening, Arsen Shnashev, who introduced the theme for the evening: New Year … Continue reading