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TOASTBUSTERS – A Halloween special!

Come and join us for a spine tinging meeting next Tuesday..

My, It has been quite a ride!

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome onboard! Greetings from Captain Paulina and  London Victorians crew. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for a joyful Toastmasters’ ride!  We took off with a roar of applause for members of  London Victorians who made colossal contributions to … Continue reading

Whoop! Another amazing meeting!

A quality evening at London Victorians as usual. Our President Paulina opened the meeting, followed by Yaw who introduced his team who helped in making the evening run so smoothly. We had Tim as Timekeeper, Michelle as Grammarian, Stephanie was … Continue reading

What are you grateful for?

The theme of this meeting was Gratitude. So first we want to thank our president who opened the meeting with an inspiring message. “Not all of us may change human history, but we can change the history of another individual … Continue reading

Improve your impromptu speaking!

On 27th August we are hosting a fantastic Masterclass in Impromptu Speaking with professional public speaker, David Jones. This session will be great for anyone looking to improve their Table Topics skills and their ability to respond quickly and succinctly … Continue reading