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NLP Workshop

This Tuesday we has a fantastic workshop lead by NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainer, Maggie Albrecht! She delved into techniques for connecting with our audience, ‘reading the room’ and channeling confidence (something all budding public speakers could use). ‘The Principles … Continue reading

Wickedly Worldly

This week at London Victorians we celebrated Halloween the only we know how.. With wonderful, wicked, whimsical words! From Australia to Peru, cults to clocks, poems to peasants, Tuesday’s meeting took as on a journey through the underworld. Our bloody … Continue reading

Who you gonna call?!

TOASTBUSTERS – A Halloween special!

Come and join us for a spine tinging meeting next Tuesday..

My, It has been quite a ride!

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome onboard! Greetings from Captain Paulina and  London Victorians crew. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for a joyful Toastmasters’ ride!  We took off with a roar of applause for members of  London Victorians who made colossal contributions to … Continue reading