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Four ladies fighting to lead

Meeting 2020-06-16 By Mohammed Salih Paulina is still our president and there are no coups so far, it looks like she is going for a home run after a year. One thing she drew our attention to, and that the … Continue reading

102 Meetings over 35 countries!

By Mohammed Salih Lucy got hold of the mike to announce “I am not your president yet, but I will be”. We were reminded why Toastmasters get together, well “to become better communicators”, this actually for many it means different … Continue reading

A Toastmaster’s Tale

by Chris It was a balmy, late spring evening which meant absolutely nothing as we were all indoors sitting in front of our computers ready for the toastmasters meeting to begin of the greatest toastmasters club in the universe to … Continue reading

New Committee is Born 2020-2021

Written by Mohammed, 26th June Paulina, our president told us how taking up her role offered challenges and amazing opportunities for her. This included moving the club from venue to venue and then to online. Leading meant building resilience for … Continue reading

The Art of Toasting

Written by Stephanie Tonight we were reminded why we joined Toastmasters.For some, to eliminate the butterflies and others to speak like broadcastersAll in all, we want to improve ourselves in an area we can growAnd one day be treasured liked … Continue reading