Upcoming virtual meetings at London Victorians this November

With a second national UK lockdown on the horizon, London Victorians continues to offer opportunities for both members and guests to practice public speaking and stay connected during these challenging times. We’re continuing to run fun and supportive meetings every single Tuesday evening throughout lockdown for our now global community.

Alongside practicing speaking and receiving constructive feedback, every single one of our members is part of our supportive mentorship scheme. We have a long history of nurturing each other through mentorship, offering encouragement and guidance to fellow Toastmasters while they work towards accomplishing their goals.

Here’s a preview of what we’ve got coming up throughout November.

Grammarian contest on Tuesday 3 November

Accurate grammar is key to delivering speeches fluently and confidently. Come along to our first ever Grammarian contest to enhance your grammar skills, widen your vocabulary, and craft compelling messages.

Mega meeting with Speaking Elephants on Tuesday 10 November

Joint megameetings are back! We’re joining forces with Speaking Elephants, based in Warsaw, to showcase the best of both clubs, and collectively host a fun evening filled with speeches, evaluations, table topics, and lots of opportunities to connect with and chat to fellow Toastmasters.

Audio only meeting on Tuesday 17 November

Following on from our successful first attempt at an audio-only meeting in the autumn, we’re making it a regular feature. We’ll be mastering our radio voices and learning how to make an impact when video isn’t an option.

Speedy meeting on Tuesday 24 November

We’re all conscious of spending too much time in front of a screen in 2020, and so we’ve been honing our speedy meeting skills over the past few weeks. We’ve got it down to a fine art, so join us for a traditional Toastmasters meeting delivered in record time – we guarantee we’ll be done and dusted by 8pm sharp!

As always, guests are warmly welcome to our meetings.


From London Victorians Toastmasters club to the global stage

Camila Toro joined London Victorians Toastmasters club with the aim of strengthening her public speaking skills in a supportive and ambitious environment. Just under a year later, not only has she achieved her goal, but she has also landed herself a public speaking slot at IsolaTED Talks, a new initiative inspired by Ted Talks. We’re so proud to see one of our members go on to do something so wonderfully inspiring!

Camila says: “Toastmasters has made me a confident speaker, able to take on challenges I never thought I could before. Recently, I got invited to speak at IsolaTED Talks – a UK initiative to raise awareness of loneliness during the lockdown.

“The opportunity was the perfect scene to practice all of the skills I’ve been able to harvest every week at London Victorians. After crafting the structure and narrative of my talk, I practiced in front of the club to get feedback from all levels of speakers and craft and improve it even more.

“I am very happy with an outcome which evidences what belonging to a hard-working, safe space and a constantly evolving group can offer you.”

You can watch Camila’s talk here, and find out more about Isolated Talks here.


Hone your persuasive speaking skills and share your views at our open discussion

Having spent several months conquering the virtual stage during this turbulent time, we want you – our members – to actively shape how our meetings work in the future and to explore what a return to in-person meetings might look like. And in true Toastmasters style, we’re going to hone our public speaking skills along the way. 

Join us this coming Tuesday evening, on the 4th of August, for a unique facilitated open discussion. Bring along your best debating skills, flex your impromptu speaking muscles, and share your views on the location, length and content of our meetings. We really value your views, and we want to gather feedback from each and every one of our members. 

We know it’s gloriously hot outside at the moment, and we know that not everyone loves Zoom meetings, but this is a really valuable opportunity to openly share your thoughts. Our open discussion kicks off at 6:45pm, and it’ll be done and dusted by 8pm sharp, so if you can’t make the whole meeting just come along for the first half.

We look forward to seeing you there, and to hearing your views.