A Toastmaster’s Tale

by Chris

It was a balmy, late spring evening which meant absolutely nothing as we were all indoors sitting in front of our computers ready for the toastmasters meeting to begin of the greatest toastmasters club in the universe to begin. The evening opened with our esteemed outgoing president telling us about the gifted storytelling of Malcolm Gladwell and how we could all learn a thing or two from him. For this interested in him tell a story check out his revisionist history podcast!

The meeting was turned over to Raj Roy who was to be our toastmaster for the evening. It is a role with big responsibility to take the audience through the evening and maintain great energy.
Raj did this with aplomb. What a talent!

You couldn’t keep Paulina Dabrowska off the stage very long as she returned to take on the timekeeper role. At toastmasters all speeches are timed which helps speakers learn to not to waffle and keeps the meeting on schedule.

Natalie Kay made her toastmasters comeback with an outstanding evening as grammarian, even though she sounded like she was on board the International Space Station. Word of the day was cognisant.

Then came yours truly who explained the role I am performing now, your meeting reporter 🙂

Next were our prepared speeches. First up was Florian Bay(club legend/ aka Michael Jordan of District 91) who was doing a speciality speech where you are given a topic and on the spot need to speak for 5 minutes. His topic was if he was Prime Minister what would be his first actions. Topics covered were sorting out Covid-19 in 2020 and Brexit. I was convinced , this man has a political future.Impressive speech.

Massimo Guadagnino gave an outstanding and helpful talk on How to use Presentation Software effectively on Zoom. Massimo is a rock star when it comes to public speaking and has an incredibly engaging manner. This is one of the great things about toastmasters is all the great practical things you learn for a really small fee. Well done Massimo 🙂

Jon Kelly , a new member who has joined us all the way from New England gave an outstanding speech on describing good mentorship through the metaphor of skiing lessons he has taken in his life. The lessons were:

Deadlines should be flexible
Don’t be afraid go se weeeeeeeeeeee
if you don’t fall down you are not pushing yourself

Welcome to the club Jon.

At toastmasters all speakers are evaluated and Stefanie Walker, Susanne Alfs and Lucy Rosa gave us some high quality evaluations maintaining our high standard that we have come to expect at the greatest toastmasters club in the universe.

Jackie Gallego then welcomed all our guests and invited them all to speak and introduce themselves. Everybody gets to speak at our meetings and it was great to have so many engaged guests. Jackie has recently stepped down from here excellent stint on the committee to focus on getting more speeches done. We look forward to seeing her at level 5 by the end of the year.

We had a break, I made a cup of tea mmmmmmmm.

We came back and Raj Roy moved us onto the table topics/impromptu section of the evening and invited our table topics master Annabelle Lamb onto the stage who chose the theme of nature/gardening
with some excellent and enjoyable topics.

Darren Useree then wowed us with an excellent evaluation of all those folks that took part in table topics. I for one was impressed with Darrens performance as well as his commitment to the club! Well done to all those that took part in this section of the evening.

Natalie Kay returned to tell us about superb uses of grammar and where we could improve.

Raj Roy then handed back to Paulina who closed the meeting.

What a night. See you all next week.

*Join us every Tuesday at 18:30 on Zoom*