Annual General Meeting & Pizza Party

Best Speaker Award Luke Davies

Best Evaluator Award Thomas R.

Zahndri Prinsloo-This is my story – Icebreaker

Nuala McHugh current President hands over to new President Eleanor Handslip

I wonder who is happier?

Our President, Nuala welcomed members and guests. She told us how she joined Toastmasters as she needed to learn how to be more confident when presenting design concepts when the content is not always objective. At Toastmaster she found a group of like-minded and supportive people. She believes that in addition to having a purpose you need to have a voice to be able to act on your purpose.
Our charismatic Toastmaster for the evening was Andy T. His theme was the importance of community as communities shape our identity. Our timekeeper was Thomas M, from the Greenwich community, the home of time.
Our first speaker was Zahndri with her first ice breaker speech on the new Pathways training programme. She told us how she had learnt important lessons of teamwork from her failed relationships because everyone needs a team.
Luke was delivering his first speech. He had been trying to prepare his speech one Sunday and was on his 9th iteration when he realised he was ‘making a meal of it’ and this became the inspiration for the final version of his speech.
William delivered a speech called Movement is Medicine to practice before he delivers it at a TEDx event in London.
Next, we had evaluators; Mohammed, Thomas R and Ahmed, who evaluate the speeches so we can all pick up tips on how to improve our own speeches. Evaluators give each speaker commendations and recommendations.
Recommendations included:
Using personal stories to help the audience reflect and learn from the speaker’s experience
Try to use the stage in a structure way instead of pacing
Coming to the front of the stage to deliver the speech
Using a big claim in a speech piques the audience’s interest
Commendations were:
Great use of hand gestures
Using detail in a speech makes it memorable, e.g. not having a KitKat in my lunch box at school when all the other kids did.
Having a strong conclusion
Our evaluators and everyone with a role also get evaluated by our General Evaluator, this week it was Terry, a new member of the allotment community. His recommendations included:
Using purposeful movements instead of wandering about the stage
Explaining why a recommendation is made to a speaker would help them learn
Trying not to read in to note, but look at them then raise head to speak to the audience
Terry’s commendations were:
Telling a speaker what they did well and giving encouraging recommendations
Using the phrase, ‘I liked …’
Great energy
We had a vote and the results were:
Best Evaluator: Thomas R
Best Speaker: Luke
This evening was slightly different from normal as we concluded with our AGM, making decisions on how our club is run and electing the new committee.